Manco Data Visualization Manco Data Visualization suite for Windows Store applications is a commercial toolset for representing data in the visual form for the wide range of the Windows Store applications. Leveraging the amazing potential of this platform Manco Data Visualization suite provides a high-performance, visually appealing, and highly customizable shortcut to the rich data visualization abilities.

If you are building business dashboards, hardware control system or you just need graphical indicator then you will find our gauge controls very useful. With rich set of the radial and linear gauge types and the powerful customization capabilities you can build the exact dynamic data visualization tool that you need.

Manco gauge control has following features:

  1. 3 scale types: Horizontal, Vertical, and Radial.
  2. Radial scale allows creation of the wide range of the gauges including semicircle and quadrant-style gauges.
  3. 4 indicators: Marker, Needle, Bar, and State.
  4. Animation. All indicators are smoothly animated out of the box.
  5. Scale ranges. You can place several value ranges along the scale which handle appearance of the scale objects (tick marks, labels, and indicators) and raise range events (enter, leave, stay in) when necessary.
  6. Events. Indicator value changes generate the ValueChanged and range based events.
  7. Custom elements. You can place any framework element along the scale and position it over the particular scale value or at the specific location inside the scale.

If you are building business dashboards, enable the end users to analyze complex data or you just need graphical representation of the data then you will find our chart controls very useful.

Manco chart control has following features:

  1. Column chart.
  2. Flexible data load model.
  3. Configurable appearance.
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